Testimony: 'God still in the healing business'

March 19, 2016
George Henry Glendon McDonald

For centuries we have heard Christian, and non-Christian alike, testify about the goodness of God or receiving deliverance through the blood of Jesus Christ.

People who suffered from various illnesses, experienced severe financial problems, were haunted by demons and demonic forces, among other things, have also testified about their deliverance due to the powerful name of Jesus.

Glendon McDonald, a Christian for 43 years, is one such person, who can brag how good God has been to him.

Sharing a testimony of deliverance, McDonald, a member of the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God in Clarendon, said years ago he was experiencing excruciating pain from a pulled muscle in his abdomen. It was so painful that he decided to visit the doctor.

"He told me that he saw a hernia above my navel, and said I had to get a surgery done. I became scared, because I was afraid of the knife. I was aware that I had it for a good while and should have had it removed, but I kept putting it off until it became serious," said McDonald.

The man of faith disclosed that the doctor gave him a letter to take to the hospital for an arrangement to be made for the surgery.

"I took the letter to the hospital that day. A female doctor told me that it might seem simple but that it could be real serious. She said if it was not paining me, I should not have it removed. That was what I wanted to hear, because I was afraid of the surgery," said the churchman.

The doctor gave him a date card to revisit her for another check-up. However, when it was time for him to return, he was unable to find it. McDonald went without the card and spent a few hours. Not getting through, he left the hospital without seeing the doctor.


"One night there was a deliverance service at church and I decided that I was not going to join a line they had for persons to be prayed for. I said I was going to prove God.

"I was told by the person who was praying for others that I should place my hand where I was feeling the pain, and instantaneously it disappeared. That happened because God delivered me. God is a good God. He is still in the healing business," testified McDonald.

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