God gave me everything

April 02, 2016
George Henry Livingston Binns

Thousands, if not millions, of persons have had the Damascus Road experience of Saul when he was confronted and changed by God.

Livingston Binns, a member of the Ocho Rios New Testament Church of God, St Ann, believes he has had such an experience.

Telling his testimony, Binns, who is serving as National Life Builders (Men's Fellowship) vice-president for that denomination, said when he got saved at a crusade in St Ann, surrendering his life to the Lord was never on his mind.

"I remember being at the crusade the Sunday night and heard the preacher said that he wanted 12 men from Ocho Rios. He got 11 and I was not included. The following night I went to the crusade and was around the back of the tent when I heard the preacher said during his sermon that we should touch our neighbour," testified Binns, a Christian for 14 years,.

He said he got a shock when the church brother he was beside touched him. He expressed that when an altar call was extended he went and was asked by the preacher if he was saved. Binns was unable to answer and started crying.

"Nights before that, while attending the crusade, several persons came and invited me to the altar, but I told them that I was saved. However, on the night I just started crying. A brother accompanied me to the altar and I surrendered my life to God," recalled Binns.

The churchman noted that on the night he got saved he had only one suit of clothing. That did not stop him from attending the night services. He wore the same thing every night.

"There were four days I spent alone after I got saved. I was in solitude. During those four days I felt something different in my life. I saw hope although there was nothing visible," said Binns who also testified that prior to him surrendering to the Lord he lost almost everything he had materially.

He testified that during his period of solitude nobody knew where he was. He pointed out that following that period he was baptised, and was the first to enter the pool to be submerged.

On the night of his baptism, Binns said the pastor prophesied that God had something in store for him. He added that other Christian leaders prophesied on his life. "I did not see myself as a preacher. I did not see myself holding any position in the church. but the prophecies came through; because all of what was prophesied became a reality," he said.

Binns stressed that like Saul he was on his road also, but God also took him as his own.

"When I got saved my finances were not intact. I did not have a name and now I have a name. God has blessed me. I have often told people that when I got saved I reached a point that everything I owned could only hold in a car. The Lord has blessed me. I have a house and other possessions with which the Lord has blessed me," testified Binns.

Binns said there is hope for everyone, hope for all those who can make choices and for those who make themselves available to be used by God.



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