Tributes flow for Anwar Azan

April 23, 2016
George Henry A picture of the late Anwar Azan being displayed on a table where his urn is placed with a wreath.
George Henry Phillip Azan holds the box with the urn of his father Anwar in the cemetery, while members of his family and other mourners look on.

The chapel at Dovecot Memorial Park in Spanish Town, St Catherine, was filled with relatives and friends who turned out to pay their last respects to the late Anwar Michael Azan at his thanksgiving service on Friday, April 15.

Though the occasion was somewhat sad, it was one which got Azans from near and far together to celebrate the life of a man who was well loved and respected, and who touched the lives of many. Anwar could easily be described as everything to everyone.

In paying tribute, Anwar's best friend for more than 29 years, Lawrence Nelson, said 'Prim', as he was affectionately called, was a disciplinarian who was very kind and caring.

Anwar's cousin, Petro, said he had great love for family and Jamaica, and was a fun-loving individual adored by many. He said he will forever cherish the relationship he had with his cousin.

Delivering the eulogy, sister-in-law Nicola Azan said Anwar's early education started at Spaldings Elementary School (now primary). She shared that he was blessed with good handwriting skills, and was among the first nine students to attend Knox College when it just started.

"Growing up, he loved playing marbles. He loved playing football and was a defender. Anwar loved members of the opposite sex. He was an astute businessman while he worked in his father's business in Spaldings," she said.

Anwar was described as a man who loved children with a passion. He was a comical character around them, making him good company to be with. Nicola described him as a great uncle to all his nieces and nephews, whom he taught lots of life lessons.


Anwar, who served as a sergeant in the British army, was said to be blessed with good bird-shooting skills. He was said to be one of the fastest at reloading a shotgun.

"He was one of the best salesmen for shoes in Miami and New York, where he worked for years. He was indeed one of the best. He made all around him laugh," recalled Nicola.

The Reverend Clinton Lewis, brother-in-law of the deceased, while delivering the sermon, called on mourners not only to prepare for when they lose a loved one but to also prepare for the next life.

"We should all prepare because we do not know when Jesus will be touching us on our shoulder to say it is your time to go. No one knows when he or she will be touched to leave earth. Anwar got his touch and he had to go," said Rev Lewis.

He preached that there is a message in the death of everyone, so all should heed the call of Jesus to prepare and be ready for a touch from God. He stressed that Anwar's battle is over, and no more torment can touch him.

Anwar Azan, born February 22, 1932, was the first son of Gladys Morris and Michael Azan. He left behind brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and other relatives. Following the thanksgiving service, his urn was buried in Dovecot Memorial Park.


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