Student seeks help from Prime Minister for homeless teacher

June 01, 2016

Social media's good Samaritan Javaughn Taylor, the young man who found and helped his former high school teacher, delivered a letter to the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday.

The letter outlined the condition of the now homeless teacher, Mrs.  Celia Dawson- Parkes.

Taylor says Mrs. Parkes left the teaching practice in 2008 due to mental issues, and that Prime Minister Andrew Holness was serving as Education Minister at that time.

After searching for his teacher for several months, Taylor responded to a phone call on April 30 and found his teacher homeless and mentally challenged.

“I thought about Prime Minister Holness being the Education Minister at the time, prayed about it, and realized he could help in any possible way,” says Taylor.

In his recent social media update regarding his teacher, Taylor explained that he knows it must be hard to ‘run’ a country, but he believes in any government that makes time to listen to citizens.

The letter was left at the front desk of the Prime Minister’s office.

“I didn’t get her name, but I left the letter there. I just hope he gets it,” Taylor told the STAR.

His main concern is to ensure Mrs. Parkes has a comfortable place to live, when she is released from the hospital.

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