Yanique keeps daughter from public's eye

June 06, 2016
File Yanique

Our STAR of the Month is a confident, vivacious and dynamic media personality. On a daily basis she juggles many jobs, including hosting entertainment events as well as shows on TV and radio, but the job she is most proud of is being a mother to her 11-year-old daughter.

Well aware that her day jobs require her to act risquE at times, Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett says she tries her best to shield her daughter from the limelight and keep her away from the work that she does outside the home.

"I tend to not incorporate my daughter in a lot of stuff because what I do sometimes is risquE and people will say, 'Yuh have a child and yuh doing this or that," she explained. "The thing is, I protect my child from what I do so when everybody is creating such an excitement over stuff, she's so clueless to it.


Her school, her friends, they don't watch Magnum, "so her environment is so structured that she isn't exposed."

Knowing all too well, though, that she cannot shield her from everything, Barrett explained that she has developed such a relationship with her daughter that she can come to her and ask her anything and she'll try her best to explain things in a manner that the preteen would understand. "The other day, she came to me and was asking, 'Mommy, everybody is talking about this manufactured beef what are they talking about?' and I told her to go online and I showed her and she was like, ,'oooh'. That's my child, that's my heartbeat, so I keep her out of the public's eyes and she knows and understands, so she keeps away from that too."

She also explained that the Yanique at home and away from the limelight is completely different from her media persona. "When I do what I do is because that's the Curvy Diva. Yanique, separate and apart, is a mommy, I carry her to school, pick her up. I'm a family person, a homebody. I wrap up with my baby girl, and that's it."

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