'I am a miracle'

June 18, 2016
George Henry Pastor George Gibson

Pastor George Gibson has been walking with the Lord for more than 52 years. During this time, he has experienced many miracles with God.

"I, myself, am a miracle, because the songwriter says, 'It took a miracle of love and grace to save someone like me'. I know that I was not good. I was a sinner but somehow the Lord chose me.

"As the scripture says,From before the foundation of the world and when the fullness of time came, he called me and allowed me to be a part-taker of this process, for which am so grateful," said Gibson, who is in charge of the White Sand Emmanuel Apostolic Church in St Ann.

Apart from that important miracle, Gibson testified that he had a hand defect. A bone was almost protruding from the skin and he wanted it to be healed. One day he held the hand and said, 'In the name of Jesus be healed'."


"Some time after, it was no longer there. It disappeared, and my hand returned to normal. Also, on August 1, 2012 I broke my leg.

"However, before that happened, about one month before, my wife was taking out some clothes. She took out one of my pyjamas and placed it on the bed. Suddenly I saw a bright light was shining over it, and a voice spoke to me, saying that I should be prepared for hospital," recalled the churchman.

Gibson pointed out that he said to himself that he was going to acquire a few more pyjamas. However, nothing happened. While he was working on a church building, in 201,2 a ladder slipped with him and he fell and broke one of his legs.

"It happened so fast that, by the time I fell, the right leg was hanging up on the ladder. When I looked at it, two bones were protruding from the flesh and it was bleeding profusely.

"Some persons came along and asked me what happened. I told them my leg was broken, and they prepared me to take to the hospital," said Gibson.

He said he was not feeling any pain in the leg because it was numb. While all that was taking place, Gibson said he was there smiling. This he said, he was able to do because whenever situations arose he did a lot of smiling.

"While I was on my way to the hospital, the devil fired a scud missile at me but I shot it down with my missile. His scud missile was that I should have asked God, 'Why me?' I then said, 'No, Satan, I will never ask God, 'Why me?' Throughout the ordeal, I was just happy. I did not feel one moment of sadness that my leg was broken."

I have been through it and, thank God, I am walking. If I wanted to, I could even kick football," said Gibson, adding that God has been good to him because He has provided for him in many different ways and kept him through difficult times, particularly during his early years as a Christian.

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