Yanique - All about defying the odds

June 20, 2016
Gladstone Taylor/Photographer Yanique Barrett


- All about


the odds

For STAR of the Month, Yanique Barrett, her life has been about defying the odds and excelling in all she does.

Becoming pregnant young which forced her to drop out of college, was a not a deterrent to the 'Curvy Diva' who was determined to have a career in media. "I hate failing so to have had such a huge setback it was important to prove to myself and to everyone that I would still reach my goals," responded Barrett when quizzed on what kept her focused after giving birth.

According to the Curvy Diva, her friends deserted her after her pregnancy but her family was supportive of her during what was a difficult period. "I guess they (friends) felt it was all over for me. My family on the other hand stood by me as disappointed as they were because I lost my scholarship and dropped out of college, but my true support came from my ex fiance," she added.

But Barrett's daughter served as a source of motivation when she started out as a young media practitioner and encountered difficulties. "Knowing that I have a responsibility to provide for her kept me going. Also, I'm a very determined person and knowing that the goals I've set have not been accomplished I'm always motivated," she explained.

As a parent, Barrett says it is important that her child does not become discouraged by obstacles she may face. "I tell her to always try and find a solution don't stop until you do and if it seems like there is no solution to the problem then find the right attitude in dealing with the problem," she said.

The Fame FM presenter had words of advice for persons who face major obstacles early in their life. "There is always a comeback, never let person's opinion or obstacles define your destiny. No matter how impossible it looks keep at it never give up and most importantly have faith in God to help you accomplish your goals," she concluded.

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