Dancers' Paradise: Dancing can make you money

September 23, 2016
Blacka di Danca

Internationally renowned dancer Blacka Di Danca is advising his peers to take dancing more seriously since there is money to be made internationally.

According to the American, his interest in dancehall started with the Passa Passa DVDs series, however, social media became his platform to expose his work which later saw him working with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Collie Budz and Major Lazer.

He told Dancers' Paradise, "Dancehall is a real and sustainable profession, but it's something that you have to love. There is a market for dancers to fly and teach, a market which was created by John Bling, Latonya Styles, myself, and other Jamaican dancers".




Blacka Di Danca has a strong social-media following, with his videos receiving thousands of views.

"For those people who think this is not a profession, watch my story and watch what I have accomplished. I have been opening doors and travelling and showing people that it is possible for them to do what I do. If you love dance, get up, dance, do what it takes to make it happen. Dancing is my profession and this is how I take care of my family and do really really, fun things," he said.

The dancer also lauded the pioneers who have continuously promoted dancehall culture overseas. He believes Jamaicans, however, will have to be more organised if they want to benefit from the dance wave that has taken over the international media.

"Dancehall culture is extremely marketable now overseas and all due to the group effort from the teachers globally. The best way we can capitalise as a culture is better organisation and professionalism. We should treat it as a business and not just a hobby ... organise yourselves, go to classes on time, and show up to a meeting on time," he said.

Blacka Di Danca is promoting a routine for the 'Crick Neck' dance. Though born in the US, he also advised foreigners to study dancehall culture.

"Research and know the names of Bogle, Shelly Belly, John Hype, Carlene, Jermaine squad, MOB, Roses Family, and know what Passa Passa is ... understand the culture," he implored.

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