Testimony ; God is always on time!

October 15, 2016
George Henry Margaret Julien

Many people can testify that they have prayed about particular situations to get solutions, but such solutions were never forthcoming until months or even years after. Many can also testify that God may not come through for them when they want Him to, but He will.

Margaret Julien of the World Outreach Ministries based in Toronto, Canada, and who hails from the parish of Manchester, believes that God may not come through for persons at the time they want Him to, but He is an on-time God.

She testified that she has been living in Canada for more than 30 years and has been praying earnestly for God to allow her to visit her homeland over the past several years. He finally allowed her to live her dream by answering her prayers.

The woman of God, who has been walking with her Maker for 34 years as a born-again Christian, shared that God has been faithful to her in more ways than one, and that He has always been there for her.

"I prayed about coming to Jamaica, and I said to the Lord that if it is His will for me to come and see my family after so long, then I would love Him to have His way. It just worked out so miraculously that I know that God's timing was just so perfect for me. He worked on His time, not mine," said Julien.

The churchwoman, who currently serves as a Bible study and Sunday School teacher and who also speaks at retreats and conferences, added that God has been faithful to her and has been awesome. She testified that God has healed her from many different ailments.




"He is my Provider, He is my Healer and He is my Comfort in every way. I have had ailments and have prayed to God for healing, and He healed me," testified Julien.

She wants those who have been praying for years about certain situations and have not yet got their breakthrough, to keep trusting God because He is faithful and is always on time; but they should be aware that the time in which they want God to answer them may not be the time in which He will answer.

"Keep trusting and have faith in Him because He will always come through for you. No matter what, do not give up. Stay on the course because He is our heavenly Father. He is our earthly Father; He is our everything. No matter what we go through, He will always be there for us. He promised never to leave us nor forsake us, and we can trust Him in every area of our life. He has never failed me once," testified Julien.

She said whenever she needs an answer from God, He leads her to the Bible, and whenever she reads the scriptures, He gives her the answers she requires.

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