GOSPEL SPOTLIGHT: Danever Scott plans love & marriage tour

October 21, 2016
Contributed Danever Scott

Danever Scott is in a constant cycle of production, whether it be chopping out hits from the studio, designing book covers, or planning concert tours.

Using marriage as motivation, the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Award-nominated gospel recording artiste endeavours to plan and execute an islandwide tour, projected to begin before the end of this year. "It's gonna take a different turn," Scott told THE WEEKEND STAR, introducing the tour's double-sided idea. "It's music along with seminars that will take place, surrounding the topics of love and marriage. I want to marry the seminar with a musical segment. You would call it a concert."

Motivated by personal experiences, Scott told THE WEEKEND STAR that his own marriage has helped him address individual dynamics between partners. "I believe I've discovered a whole lot that is very helpful to the society," he said. "Marriage is one main area. I've been through hell," he chuckled. "In the workplace, in marriages, there are relationship problems. I've taken the initiative to turn to God and seek for knowledge."

In his pursuit of understanding relationship dynamics, Scott told THE WEEKEND STAR that in acknowledging the differences between himself and his wife, Minister Terryann Scott, he learned 'the art of how to deal with each other'. "Because each person [is] uniquely made and has a different mind," he said. "As a result, from the information and experience, a child is shaped into a unique person. Their upbringing is all different."




Scott believes that it is vital to recognise that each person's past, to a certain extent, influences their present self - and that human beings are innately selfish. "I was selfish," he said. "It caused me to see how we are all selfish as human beings. We are blind to what the other party is going through."

Scott wants to kick off his love and marriage-themed tour this November, but is still in the process of confirming the venues. "It's hard to say exactly when, but it will be starting this year," he affirmed. "I'm in the blood of doing so."

As he plans the love and marriage-themed seminar and concert tour, Scott continues his other various pursuits, including holding the management and engineering titles at his production house and record label in Mandeville, Manchester, working as a vocal coach and a graphic designer.

Two songs, Love As You Love and Saturate My Heart, from Scott's recently released album, New Level, has been twice nominated for the upcoming Marlin Awards in the categories Praise and Worship Song of the Year and Roots Reggae Recording of the Year.

His talent as a singer has seen him share stages at various events and gospel shows, such as Jesus Party, Genesis and Fun in the Son, with other local and popular Jamaican gospel artistes, such as DJ Nicholas, Ryan Mark, Kerron Ennis, Clive Warren, Kevin Downswell and Jason Mighty.

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