Life & Times : Kerry-Ann Palmer still excited about her twins

October 22, 2016
Kerry-Ann Palmer and her twin daughters Jalayah (left) and Jaleah

Jalayah and Jaleah Thompson are identical twin daughters for Kerry-Ann Palmer of Brockery in Christiana, Manchester. They were born on January 10, 2014, three minutes apart, and weighed four pounds each.

Palmer told THE STAR's Life and Times that she discovered that she would have been giving birth to twins when she was six weeks into her pregnancy, and she was very excited.

"I was excited because I always like seeing twins, and I wanted to know what the experience would be like. I wanted to know what it would feel like. I was really excited," said the proud, happy mother of the two beautiful baby girls.

She pointed out that there is no twin in her family, but that her baby girls' father has an uncle and aunt who have twin children. She added that there are four sets of twins in her babyfather's family, and all of them are identical.




"It was not very good while I was carrying these girls. I was really sick. I spent most of the time in the hospital, because I was not keeping down anything when I had a meal; so it was not a good experience," confessed Palmer.

She further confessed that on more than one occasion while the girls were in her womb, she felt as if she never wanted to carry them, especially when she was having terrible pains. However, she shared that she was able to overcome all that when she prayed, and got encouragement from family and friends.

"I was so excited when they were born. I was a bit worried when they were born because one of them was not well. She was really sick. I was very excited but I was also worried. They were born (at) seven months," said Palmer, who said she has no problem identifying the girls, even though they have no distinguishing marks to differentiate between them.

Now that her twin daughters are growing up, Palmer said she is still excited about them. She, however, said that it is very difficult to manage the girls, because it is a lot of work to deal with them, even though she gets assistance with extra hands.

She noted that she always dresses her daughters alike; but it is very expensive to do so, because everything she purchases for them she has to double up. She added that should she get pregnant again she would not like to have twins. "It is too much. I could not afford it again. Not now," said the young mother of five.

Her dream for her twin daughters is for them to be successful in school at all levels up to university. She wants them to be able to acquire a good education.

Palmer disclosed that the girls both love porridge, orange juice, which they ask for every morning, and boiled eggs. She shared that whenever one of them fall ill, within a day the other gets ill as well.

"It is true. I have proven it over and over again. If one is sick today, by tomorrow the other has the same illness," confirmed Palmer.


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