Real Talk: Ishawna talks relationships, DownSound split

October 25, 2016
Ian Allen/Photographer Ishawna
Ian Allen/Photographer Ishawna


Real Talk is back, and the controversial singer Ishawna has decided to share some of the juicy details of her life. Grab a chair, and be prepared for things to get very real.

STAR: What has Ishawna been up to?

Ishawna: I've been doing a lot, you know. I just shot my new video for my song, Private Mi Page on the 'Toll Road' rhythm. It a gwaan good, everybody is loving the video, so you guys can check that out right now. I have my song called Everybody Needs Someone on the 'All Inclusive' rhythm and that's going on great as well. So I've just been doing a lot of work, travelling and recording a lot of new singles for my fans and stuff like that.

STAR: Joe Bogdanovich had hinted that he was seeking legal advice regarding your no-show at Sumfest. Have his lawyers contacted you?

Ishawna: No, but the whole point is I'm not here on a court case so I don't need to be interrogated and talking about legal matters. I'm just here to like promote my music. I know unuh wah know all of the legal stuff that's going on in my personal business life, but I don't think I need to explain anything. At the end of the day music is what's important. So yes, I'm no longer at DownSound Records because we have business disagreements that we're dealing with right now.

STAR: Would you ever perform on Reggae Sumfest now that he (Joe) is part owner?

Ishawna: Of course I would. Like I said, I am very professional person. So, if the money is right, if I am free and I don't have any other engagements or something like that, of course I would perform on Sumfest. At the end of the day I have to interact with my fans, and if my fans want to see me there, and if Joe is booking me, I would definitely go. There is no animosity where that is concerned.

STAR: Are you dating Alkaline?

Ishawna: Everybody has been asking me if I am dating Alkaline. No! People are thinking everybody you do a song with you a date them. I did a counteraction to Alkaline song, that doesn't mean I am dating him. But dem just always a gimme man I guess.

STAR: Are you dating or are you single?

Ishawna: I'm single. I think that if I don't have a ring on your finger I am single, and I'll just leave it at that.

STAR: Why are you always singing about taking somebody's man?

Ishawna: Because a dat mi do fi a living, and a dat mi do great (laughs). You a go talk bout the things weh you gifted at? Yea, mi great at taking people man and taking them over.

STAR: Can you cook?

Ishawna: Is that a trick question? Dah! A me say wash, cook, clean and quint. A me say me never born wid long fingernail although me wear them. Yea, girl can do things.

Join us next week for part two of this Ishawna interview. We promise to keep it real.

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