Testimony : Pastor Geoffrey Douglas' Miracle Boy - God saved son from near death

November 05, 2016
Geoffrey Douglas

The Bible tells us that what seems impossible to man is possible with the Lord. Well, Pastor Geoffrey Douglas easily identifies with this statement.

Douglas testified that his three-year-old son had an accident, when he fell from the second floor of a building, landing in a concrete trench.

"When I ran down to pick him up, he was lying down stretched out in the trench. He suffered no broken bone; there was no bleeding; however, he lost consciousness. I rushed him to a pipe and poured some water on him, but there was no response," said Pastor Douglas.

The church leader shared that he thought his son was dead, and so he took him to a hospital.

Douglas pointed out that after his son was examined, the X-ray found that the little boy suffered no brain damage.

"A lady who was aware that my son fell from the building told me that he would have recovered within six months. However, in less than one month he was up and about again and was talking. Some persons referred to my son as a miracle boy, because having such a fall at the age of three, they thought he would have died," said Douglas.

The pastor, who surrendered his life to the Lord in 1989 and who currently pastors the Carmel Fellowship Redeem Church of God in St Catherine, said God delivered his son.

"I think God sent His Holy angels to take him and place him long way in that trench; and there is no other explanation for it. I think God just sent His angels to just break the fall and take him and place him there," testified Douglas.

Pastor Douglas said he had a conversation with a teacher colleague whose mother is a medical practitioner, and he was told by the teacher that her mother said his son would have spent a long time in the hospital, based on the fall he experienced.

"At the time my son came out of the hospital the weekend, I told the teacher my son was out of the hospital. She was most surprised when I told her that. That was in itself a miracle which the Lord did for me," said Douglas.

The pastor shared that the accident has resulted in a great increase in the faith he has in God, because of what he witnessed Him (God) did for him and his son.

He added that God did not only saved his son from death, but that He allowed him to recover from his fall in a very short period of time.

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