Life & Times : Trickster twins Alroy and Alrick love football

November 19, 2016
Alroy (left) and Alrick pose for the camera

Alroy and Alrick Sergeant are identical twin sons born to Flozel and Alroy Sergeant on April 28, 2000, at the Mandeville Regional Hospital.

Alroy, while speaking to THE STAR's Life and Times, was quick to point out that he was the first to be born. Alrick was born 15 minutes later.

Alrick is convinced that growing up as twins is a good thing. His reason for saying so is that they can play tricks on others. For example, because they are identical and attended the same school but in different classes, they were able to switch classes, without their subject teachers knowing. However, due to the fact that they are now in the same class, they cannot play that trick anymore.




The boys, who hail from New Green in Manchester, shared that they both love to play football and they are very interested in the opposite sex. As it relates to the myth that should one be ill, the other would automatically become ill very soon after that, they said that that does not apply to them.

Alroy made it clear that his favourite subjects are physical education, building technology, and social studies. Alrick, however, has slightly different favourites. For him, mathematics, physical education, language arts, and auto mechanics are his favourites. But they do share some similarities other than looks.

The boys, who are currently attending the Spalding High School in Clarendon, said that they like to eat the same food and they do not have any favourites. However, Alroy does not like fish.

The ambitious twins intend to be successful after completing their education. Alroy wants to be an animator, while Alrick wants to be trained as a pilot. He would also love to be a professional footballer.



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