Testimony : God answered my prayers

December 03, 2016
Shanika Pusey-Strickland

There are times when difficult situations seem to want to get the better of us, but when we turn to God in prayer and ask for help in faith, our prayers are answered.

Well, Shanika Pusey-Strickland is one of many individuals who can attest to this.

"The Lord delivered me out of a situation, which was very uncomfortable for me as it relates to being married. I started that process (marriage) very young, and over time, I noticed that it was no longer fun for me anymore. It was just pain," testified the Sunday school teacher.

Pusey-Strickland, who is also a choir director at the Shiloh Apostolic Church at Prattville and Mount Prospect in Manchester, testified that while she was going through her painful marriage, she sought the Lord.

"I told the Lord that I wanted to get out of it because I did not think I could go through my entire life in this thing (marriage). The same day I graduated from college, something happened, and the Lord said, 'That's it. Do not go back'. I did not go back," she shared.

Pusey-Strickland, who went through her painful marriage for 11 years, also shared that what she was going through was a mixture of everything, including abuse.

She testified that she prayed to the Lord for a number of years and it seemed as if her prayers were not going to be answered.

"The Lord was working, but I am aware that it would have taken some time. It was a process that I had to go through, and so during the process, I had to go through several things," she said.

"But He (God) kept revealing Himself to me. He showed me that He was going to work it out in the end, and He did," she added.

Since God worked out her painful experience, Pusey-Strickland said she is now more comfortable with herself. She added that she is now finding out who she is on a daily basis, and this has forced her to draw closer to the Lord.

"I am now closer to God. I am now able to do things which I would have had a problem doling in the past. I can now do them without hesitation," testified Pusey-Strickland.

The church woman, who has been walking with the Lord from the tender age of eight, is advising women who are currently going through similar situations, to seek the Lord.

"He is able to do all things. It is not going to happen in one day. It is going to be a process, and you have to understand that during your process, you have to trust God," she said, while warning that they would go through some amount of pain.

"But it is in the pain that the Lord is really working out the purpose. It can only get better in the end. He can do it."


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