Star Christmas - DJ Nicholas is all about family this Christmas

December 20, 2016
Contributed DJ Nicholas with wife Sandra, son Malachi and daughter Naomi

One recurring issue within the entertainment industry centres on the entertainer's capacity to cater to the needs of family, particularly when it comes to spending quality time.

This Christmas season, veteran gospel deejay DJ Nicholas looks back at the past year, and relays his elation at the opportunity to spend the holiday season with his new family.

"Since the new addition to the family, it's the first Christmas together," he told THE STAR.

DJ Nicholas, and his wife Sandra have a three-year-old son named Malachi and a baby girl named Naomi, who is almost a year old.

meaning of Christmas

As a career musician, the job would pull DJ Nicholas away from his family, as he would be booked to perform and minister during the Christmas season.

Last year was it the first time that he was able to spend with his family.

Additionally, DJ Nicholas had the joy of witnessing his son beginning to understand the meaning of Christmas.

"When Malachi was younger, he didn't understand the difference between Christmas and other regular days," he said.

"Last Christmas, he was three years old, but you could see the excitement and anticipation he had for Christmas Day. He knew he would get gifts and that there was something special about it," he added.

"Even though it is said Christmas is of pagan origin, I use it for its potential for good," he told THE STAR, addressing previous years spent away from his family.

Though he sees it as a time to fellowship with family and friends, he believes that it is also one of the most opportune times to share the gospel.

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