Testimony - Man was made to serve God

January 07, 2017
Calvin Gordon

The Bible tells us that the whole duty of man is to serve God and keep His commandments, and the Reverend Calvin Gordon has testified that he has always wanted to do this.

"I have always wanted to offer my service to the Lord and to serve Him in His kingdom. Having been raised in the Salvation Army during my formative years, I was being prepared to serve in the Salvation Army," testified Gordon.

He shared that when the call of God came on his life to offer his service, he confessed that he was intimidated and shy.

Gordon shared that he attended a crusade with his mother at National Heroes Circle in Kingston and felt the power of the Lord on him.

"It was strange because I have never felt anything like that in my life, having been exposed to church from an early age. I turned to my mother and I asked her what it was that I was feeling at the time," he recalled.




He said that his hands were shaking and he sensed a strong presence.

"It was at that time that she made me aware that it was the anointing, the presence of the Almighty God," he testified.

He recalled some months later being awakened at home early one morning by his mother and a cousin,when a prophetic word came.

That prophetic word was: 'The Lord is calling you. He is raising you up as a modern-day Moses to lead His people."

"Hearing the word leadership made me feel terrified. I was more focused on getting an education, more focused on sustaining myself with my friends. I was still afraid of being exposed to the Pentecostal circles," recalled Gordon.

He said that everything he put his hand to was not successful because he was running from God.

However, all changed for the better after he said yes to the Lord.

He attended a Bible institute on Waltham Park Road in Kingston before moving on to Bethel Bible College in preparation for ministry.

"I worked under the auspices of Bishop Herro Blair as youth pastor for some time until I was transferred to the Deans Valley Deliverance Centre in Westmoreland. I served and left then went back to serve again until I migrated with my family to live overseas,'' said Gordon.

The church leader admitted that he made a few mistakes on his journey but that he has been forgiven.

He pointed out that we all make poor choices but encouraged persons to stay the course.

"Understand that there is a call on your life, and walk in the fact that He is a forgiving God. Learn from it (mistake), and most importantly, develop and become a better person," he said.

He said that he has experienced compassion, love, mercy, and care from the Lord and other people.

"All of them have helped me to become a better person today. I am more mature, more responsible, and am a more focus-driven individual. For that I give God thanks," testified Gordon.

He has been walking with the Lord for over 30 years and currently serves at the Banana Ground New Testament Church of God in Manchester as an assistant pastor.

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