Testimony : God sent money to build my house

January 28, 2017
Eda Freeman

David, in Psalm 37:25, said that he had never seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread.

Well, Eda Freeman of the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God in Clarendon has testified that she can speak like David.

"The Lord has done so many miracles in my life. First, He has given me life and has given me so many good results in my lifetime," said Freeman.

The former Sunday school teacher, who has been a child of God for 22 years, shared that she also encountered several problems, but after speaking to the Lord, He heard her and delivered her, leaving her to rejoice and testify about His goodness.

She said that she wanted to work on her house, but was experiencing financial woes for a long time. She said that she prayed and asked her provider to help her out of the situation.

"I prayed to God about it and asked Him to help me. I told God that He promised to provide for me not only as a child of His, but also as a widow; and He did provide for me so that I was able to get out of the financial problem that I had," said Freeman.

She testified further that one day she was in her bed reading her Bible and praying when she received a phone call from an individual who asked her how she was doing. She pointed out that she replied by saying that she was not feeling too good.




"I was asked what the problem was, and I told the person that I needed some money to do some work on my house. I was told that I should not worry myself because help was on the way. About three days after, I was called by the person again, who told me that a tidy sum of money was on its way to me to work on the house," testified Freeman.

She said she gave God thanks for the sum of money she received, because she prayed earnestly for it. Freeman shared that she prayed and God called her name to that individual for him to help her out financially.

"I told God to call my name to somebody because I really needed some help, and the Lord did that for me. I was so thankful to Him for all His benefits towards me. I am also thankful to know that God is always there for me and never leaves me," said Freeman.

The churchwoman said God promised never to leave her nor forsake her. She said God has said that whatever she needs she should ask Him sincerely in faith, believing, and He will supply her needs.

"I was also ill and was admitted to hospital two years ago and was down to do an operation. The doctor told me that he did not have my type blood and so he was not going to perform the operation. I told the doctor that he should go ahead and do it. I did the operation one Tuesday and by the Wednesday the cut was healed. That was my great deliverance," said Freeman.

She added that when she was going to the hospital, she remembered Isaiah 43:2. The words of that verse of scripture, she said, she took into the operating theatre with her; and it was right there she received her deliverance.

"God has been good to me, and I cannot complain. I have a lot to give God thanks for," said Freeman.

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