Testimony : God is an on-time God

February 04, 2017
George Henry Pastor Hepburn Thompson

The Bible tells us that God is an 'on-time' God, and He will always be there whenever His children are in need of help.

Pastor Hepburn Thompson of the Equator Faith Mission Church of God at Blackwoods in Clarendon, can attest to that.

Thompson has been serving God for over 30 years, and said he loves speaking about the healing power of Jesus Christ.

He shared that he was in attendance at a convocation at his church a few years ago when he suddenly fell ill.

"On the final night, which was a Friday, I was sitting on the platform when I suddenly felt like everything inside of me was pulling out," noted Thompson.

Being a forceful person, Thompson pointed out that he sat there and was not too mindful of his illness. But while there, he said to himself that 'this is it', as if to say he was going to pass out.

However, while sitting there, the pastor said he lifted his faith in God and said nothing to anyone.

"I lifted my faith and said, 'God, you have to take this home. I do not know what is taking place inside of me'. The Bible tells us that we should do like the disciples. We should preach the gospel, pray and heal the sick of diseases," he said.

Thompson said at that point he told the Lord "you have to do this because I do not know what is taking place in my body".

The pastor said he felt as if he was going to die, but he sat there and lifted his faith to his Maker. Thereafter, the churchman said he felt a bit better.

"We came to the end of the service and the benediction was pronounced. We were shaking hands with each other when a sister came from the back of the church under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, pointed at me and said, 'In the name of Jesus, no operation, no operation'. I was so surprised," testified Thompson.

Thompson, who currently leads the flock at his church, pointed out that he said to God, "you are real".




Then the church sister and the entire church started to send up prayers to the Lord on his behalf.

The church sister, he said, continued to say 'no operation, no operation because we bind that in the name of Jesus'.

"It was as if we started another session of service. Everybody was there just glorifying God, and I just magnified God. That night everything just went. I was really surprised. Even though I knew that God has power, it (the illness) was so sharp," he said.

He noted that no one knew that he was ill, but the Holy Ghost spoke to the sister and he received his healing and deliverance.

"I knew I was ill, but I don't know what it was, but God delivered me," testified the church leader.

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