My Testimony : God delivered him from alcohol

February 11, 2017
Rev. Patrick Kuchio

The Reverend Patrick Kuchio was a slave to alcohol before he surrendered his life to the Lord in 1991. The Kenyan national, who was in Jamaica for a one-week crusade at Sanguinetti in Clarendon recently, shared his testimony with THE STAR before leaving the island to continue his work for the Lord.

"I was a drunkard and a smoker. I took a lot of Kenyan Beer. In Jamaica you call it rum. I took a lot of alcohol, and was actually bound in alcohol. I could not help myself," said the church leader who currently leads a flock of 35,000 in Nairobi.

He testified that he was not only bound to alcohol, but he was sold to that 'spirit'.

"Whenever alcohol called me in the morning I had to respond. When alcohol called me at noon I had to respond. When it called me in the evening I had to respond," shared the international pastor.

Kuchio noted that although he was a slave to the drug, God, in His mercy, pulled him out of his serious addiction and freed his heart.

He added that since then, he has been walking in freedom and is no longer controlled by a habit which millions have been trying to kick for years, but are still struggling to do so.

It is now almost 27 years since he has been freed from the liquid. However, he testified that there were times when he had been tempted to go back to consuming the horrible drink. But Kuchio did not yield to the temptation.

"The Christian walk is a daily journey. The apostle Paul said, 'I discipline my body, I bring it to subjection'. The human body will keep wanting to go back to the way of sin but I have the responsibility, I have the ability within me by the Holy Spirit's help to discipline my appetite," said Kuchio.

According to the church leader, he disciplined himself by telling himself on a daily basis that he will never give in to alcohol again.

The churchman said in an effort for him not to go back to a life of alcohol while he was being tempted, he kept selective company by ensuring that his best friends were not drunkards.

"My best friends are people who drink of the Spirit of God. So I spend time with people who are born-again, I avoid going to the wrong places. I do not go to bars, I do not hang out with alcoholics. I run away from them because this is an area which God delivered me from," he said.

He said no longer doing alcohol has not been of his own strength. He praised God who has preserved him, kept him and watched over him over the years he has been serving and walking with Him.


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