My Testimony: God provided the perfect husband

February 18, 2017
Megan Meikle-Markland

Megan Meikle-Markland is a member of the Living Water Community Church Apostolic at Four Paths in Clarendon.

She has been a born-again Christian since December 23, 2012. Like many followers of Jesus Christ, she is proud to testify about the goodness of her Maker.

"The Lord has done so many things for me. God has been good to me because where I am coming from, if it was not for His goodness, I would not have been where I am today. For most things, persons pray and don't get an answer same time; but we just have to wait on God," said Meikle-Markland.

She recalled praying to God about a particular situation, and when He came through for her, she did not realise that it was the time for Him to show up.

According to her, she was wondering when she would have received an answer.

"I was praying for a husband and I said, 'God, I don't want somebody that I love; I want somebody that I don't love, because I always fall in love and get hurt'. So I asked God for somebody that I did not love this time, and God has given me that person," she said.

Meikle-Markland, who currently serves as youth president at her church, testified that when she got her mate she did not even realise, because she received several prophecies about persons who would have been her husband.


Questioned God


"On the day of my wedding I sat in the car and I asked God, 'Am I really going to marry somebody that I don't love'? I then heard the voice said, 'this is what you asked for'. After we got married, there were so many things which I asked God for in the person," shared Meikle-Markland.

She noted she told God that she needed a husband interested in paying his tithe. She added that when she saw her future husband, it was the first thing that drew her to him.

"I just said with all the prophecies that I have got, then this is it. So I just thank God because it has been two years and some months now since we have been married," she said.

She admitted that she was not really sure if her initial pleas were what she wanted.

"But to God be the glory, because today I think I am one of the happiest women God has on this earth," testified Meikle-Markland.

She shared that God also healed her from an illness. She said she had a thyroid problem and went to the Kingston Public Hospital to undergo an operation to get rid of it.

"I did not have the money to do the operation and I had the letter there for many months. However, after a while I realised that the lump that was there disappeared," she said. Meikle-Markland believes it could only have happened because of God.

"I prayed and I prayed and God removed it. I have had no problem with thyroid ever since, and I give God the glory," she said.


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