Life & Times : God saved their marriage

April 08, 2017
Michael and Barbara Simpson on their wedding day.
Michael and Barbara Simpson are all smiles

Michael and Barbara Simpson have been together for almost 27 years as man and wife.

They were married in July 1990, while living in the United Kingdom. They first met at a nightclub in their late teens.

"I remember seeing this beautiful tall girl with her friends and was immediately attracted to her, because I always thought tall girls complemented me better, as I am over six feet tall," shared Michael.

He told THE STAR'S Life and Times he plucked up the courage to ask her for a dance. Following their dance, they talked for a while, and by the end of the night, they were in love.

They said they are happily married, but were quick to point out that they have experienced some rocky times in their marriage.

"We were married in 1990, at which time I vowed that I would turn over a new leaf and be faithful to my wife. This proved impossible for me. Something deep down inside of me craved satisfaction, but lust cannot be satisfied. It is a demon spirit and the only solution is to get it out," Michael said.


Secret life


By 1993, even though he and Barbara were quite successful financially, operating a thriving business and owned houses, and having a good wife and a son who admired him much, he was guilty and ashamed of his secret life of lust, which was a burden that he could not carry.

"I felt that my wife deserved better than what I was subjecting her to. On November 13, 1993, I gave up on our marriage and decided to be alone for a while to stop the madness and take stock of my life. But during all of those turbulent years I never forgot that there is a God, and one day I would have to give an account for the life I was living," Michael said.

He disclosed that relief came when, after another failed relationship in 1995, he cried out ,"God, I got myself into this mess, please get me out of it."

He was drawn closer to God and on November 13, 1995, exactly two years after separating from his wife. God's Spirit entered his heart and drove out the spirits of lust and ganja which were in him.

God, he said, gave him a brand new heart of love and turned his life around.

"His first command to me was to go back to my wife. We were two weeks away from signing the divorce papers, and after more than two years being separated with much malice between us, we were reunited. He (God) began to teach me how to love my wife," he said.

Today, the Simpsons live a God-blessed life, working together in full-time ministry. They said they love each other, and added that they have been faithful to each other ever since they have been reunited.

"I have found the love, joy and fulfilment that I was searching for in all the wrong places. I came to realise that they are found in Jesus Christ. It was His love that touched my life back in 1995, which set me free to love others. Like the Apostle Paul, it is the love of Christ that compels me," Michael said.


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