Testimony : Fighting on the battlefield for God

April 08, 2017
Sophia Smith-Brown

Missionary Dr Sophia Smith-Brown has been a child of God since 2003.

She is a member of the Four Square Christian Fellowship at Santa Hill in Clarendon, where she also serves as the public relations officer for the youth department.

Smith-Brown testified that the Lord has worked many miracles in her life. She remembered being saved at age 13 and on other occasions, but would backslide often. However, one day she finally got serious for God.

"I remember a particular Sunday I was at home when I suddenly heard a voice spoke to me, telling me that I needed to go to church. I was cooking at the time, and the voice came back and told me a second time, when suddenly everything in the pot started to burn and the voice came back and told me to leave the pot and go to church," recalled Smith-Brown.

She recalled going to church that Sunday, but said she felt numb, as if she did not belong there.

A voice told her to go back home even though others were rejoicing. She said the bishop told the young people to dance around the church and come back inside.

Smith-Brown said when she approached the door, the bishop stretched out her hand, her body resembling the cross.

Something got a hold of Smith-Brown and she started rejoicing and shouting praises to God. She said she started feeling hot and cold immediately. She surrendered her life to God.

"I remember a lady coming to me at age 13 and told me that I was a special child. I did not understand. But that Sunday was different. I have been on the battlefield for God ever since," said Smith-Brown.

She recalled a prophetess telling her that she should say the highest praise. This she did three times when suddenly the Holy Ghost came upon her.

The prophetess also told her that she (Smith-Brown) had been telling herself that she wanted to go to Bible college, which was true.

"Little did I know that the Lord had sent a chancellor from Glad Tidings Bible College International to my church. In the night, the same prophetess turned to the man and told him that the Lord said he should plant a seed in my life," testified Smith-Brown.

The seed was that her tuition for Bible college was to be paid by him. Smith-Brown was able to complete her studies, leading up to her doctorate.

The man helped her throughout her studies and today she testifies that God was with her throughout.

"The Lord was with me and He made everything seemed so easy. God took me from being a nobody to be somebody. He took me from rags to riches, so to speak."

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