STAR of the Month : Despite his success, I-Octane's mom is still a vendor

April 13, 2017
I-Octane gets emotional as he sings to and about his idol his mom, Pauline Williams.

STAR of The Month I-Octane was raised in a single-parent household, headed by his mother who sold on the streets.

His mother was able to school a young I-Octane from her profits which he says fluctuated on a regular basis.

However, thanks to music, I-Octane was able to rise above poverty, and, in return, provide the necessities for her.

But surprisingly, she still hustles on the streets.




THE WEEKEND STAR quizzed the singjay about his mother's job as a vendor, and he said she made her own choice.

"My mother's reality is her vending and that is it. She is not short of money or anything, but she used all her teenage years supporting us through vending. So, despite the fact that I have a three storey house for my home, I have money and I gave her one floor for herself, she still doesn't want to come there. She is a rebel. She likes her lifestyle. She enjoys her friends and her vending. That is what makes her happy," he said.

The singjay said he gives his mother more than US$1,000 (J$128,426) monthly, but she still takes it to the streets.

"I talk to her about it all the time and she asks me if a nuh it send me to school ... therefore, mi should not ridicule the profession," he said.

To pay homage to the profession, I-Octane hosted an all-vendor concert in Portmore a few years ago.

He is also hoping to relaunch the event in an attempt to pay homage to the vending profession.

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