Testimony : God has been his provider

April 15, 2017
Clive Warren

Clive Warren is a member of the May Day Seventh-day Church of the Living God in Manchester, where he serves as a music director. He has been a born-again Christian for 25 years.

Like many Christians, Warren made it clear that God has been good to him and has done much in his life.

The gospel artiste testified that he has been receiving blessings in abundance from the Lord ever since he surrendered his life to Him.

"Recently I was engaged by a doctor from Montego Bay to record an album. A launch will take place on a date to be announced," shared Warren.




That is just one of the many blessings that Warren has received. He added that God has protected him from many dangers, but he was quick to share one particular occasion when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident along the toll road.

He recalled that the car slid off the road and crashed into a rock. The rock, he said, prevented him from going over into a precipice.

He further recalled hearing the voice of God saying, 'the devil can't touch you because I have not permitted him to touch you. You are called by me and I have called you for a mission. The mission and purpose that I have called you for, you have not yet accomplished it'.

Warren pointed out that the accident occurred while he was in a hurry to attend a meeting in Kingston.

"Rain was falling and almost exiting the toll road to go on the Mandela Highway, there was water running across the road. I did not see the water until I reached close to it. Because of the size of the car, the minute it touched the water, it became airborne and started to spin," said Warren.

He shared that when his car stopped, there were vehicles still driving past. He sat in his car for a while before a man came by and offered to help him push the damaged vehicle off the roadway in order to prevent more accidents.

"He helped me to push it off the roadway, close to a section where I was able to push it by myself. I pushed it and was then assisted by the driver of a van to get the car to the Ferry Police Station, where I slept that night in the car. I was also assisted by a police officer, who used a police vehicle to assist me to get to a place where I could get some food that night as well," said Warren.

The churchman said God told him that night that He will help him to fix up things. He said God also told him that it did not matter what kind of situation he finds himself in, He (God) will always provide a way out for him to get help.

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