Life & Times : Devoted father Dinston Julal laid to rest

April 22, 2017
George Henry photo Mourners at the graveside in the cemetery.
George Henry photo Mourners taking a last look at the casket with Julal's body.

Dinston Julal was described as a wonderful father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, and friend at his thanksgiving service, held at the Bath Methodist Church, Bath, St Thomas, recently.

The accolades came from his nephew, Ernest Grant, who delivered his eulogy. He shared that his uncle was a humble giant who he was happy to eulogise because he took it as an honour to do so.

He shared that Julal was hardworking, strong, loving, and gentle, a man of few words but an excellent provider who was a Jack of all trades and master of none, except for maybe tailoring.

"He could often be found cooking, baking, and even making chocolate from the fruit of the cocoa pods. He loved his family and was deeply devoted to his wife and children. He was a devoted father and he never beat his children except giving a conk or two," said Grant.

He went on to tell mourners that the deceased taught his older children to drive and the older boys to shoot birds, rear cows, and to do other farming activities.

He explained that at one point in his life, Julal had to play the roles of father and mother when his wife had to leave for her first overseas visit in 1986.

That he did without grumbling, while taking care of his younger children.

"Uncle Din was a devoted husband. He tried, unsuccessfully, to teach his wife to drive but never complained when she would get the car stuck in the river. He would, instead, patiently instruct the boys on where to place the stones to rock the car free," he shared.


Avid bird shooter


He described his uncle as an avid bird shooter who always brought home his bounty from his yearly bird shooting trips.

He noted that his farming skills saw him producing many crops, including banana, plantains, pineapple, and callaloo, but his greatest love was cattle rearing.

As a staunch Christian, Grant said that his uncle was faithful to his church, and when everything was fading away, the one area that remained constant was his love of the Lord.

"He considered everything good in his life a gift from God, and he gave richly out of what God had given him. He was a man of integrity in all he did and generous with all he had - a true Christian. Sundays were set aside as his quiet time, and after looking after his favourite cows in the mornings and then attending church, the evenings after dinner were left for him to play some of his favourite Jim Reeves on the stereo," said Grant.

Julal was born on February 2, 1928, to James and Luleta Julal of Bath in St Thomas. At the age of about 24, he started a love affair with his recently departed wife, Inez, and the two were married in June 1955.

The union produced 10 children: Norwin, Dezrine (Robin), Ludlow (Pe), Prudence, Boris, Dinston Junior, Lillis (Hopie), Emet, Mulraine (Jay), and Marlon (Randy).

He also sired Brinton and Dorett by different mothers and also grew grandsons Dwight and Corey (Tetsy) as if they were his own.

Following the service, Julal's body was buried at the Bath Methodist Church Cemetery.


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