Testimony : Put God at the centre of your lives

April 22, 2017
Amartha Ricketts

Amartha Ricketts is a member of the Dumfries Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. James. She currently sings on the choir, and she loves what she does for the Lord, as a young Christian.

She testified that God has been good to her, and she loves Him to the extent that she is always willing to do whatever He (God) tells her to do because He has always come through for her.

"He has spared my life, saved my soul, and He has always been providing for me. From a child growing up I was troubled with heart problem. When I was at primary school, my heart used to pain me, but it stopped for many years. I prayed to God and got healing for the situation. I just trust the Lord for my healing because He is really powerful and mighty," said Ricketts.

She adds that as a student at the Muschett High School in Trelawny, whenever she needs things to assist with her progress in education, she simply asks God for help and He always come through for her.

She testified further that she needed a computer to help her with schoolwork and she prayed to God for it to be provided. It did not take long for her to receive the important equipment.

"My teacher told us that we should get a tablet or a computer to help us with our work. My mother does not live with us, and so I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to help me to get one because I did not have any money to make a purchase. And so I prayed and asked Him (God) to help my family, and in no time I got the computer," testified Ricketts.

She shared that God has always been good to her and all she has to do is to pray and put her trust in Him because He is an on-time God.

Ricketts said God is really good and must be praised. She added that we all should put Him at the centre of our life because we were created to serve God.

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