Testimony : The hands of God are upon Ann-Marie's family

April 29, 2017
Ann-Marie Beckford-Stewart

Ann-Marie Beckford-Stewart is a member of the Adelphi Seventh-day Adventist Church in St James.

Her walk with God started 13 months ago and she is proud to be serving God, especially because she is aware that she was created for the service of her Maker.

She added that the whole duty of man is to serve God and keep His commandments.

She testified that her walk with God has challenges, but she is happy to be saved, as she prepares for His coming, which none of us is aware when it will be.

However, according to the avid scripture reader, the return of the Lord is certain and everyone must be prepared for that occasion.

Beckford-Smith, who shared that she is a market vendor, testified further that she has faith in God and she always puts her trust in Him.

"One day I sent my son to his father in Montego Bay and someone tried to hurt him. I was sitting there at the market and a friend of mine asked me what was happening to me. I told her that I did not know, but that I was having a strange feeling," she said.

Soon after that, her son came and told her that someone tried to hurt him.

"However, the person who tried to hurt him was not successful. He was left alone unhurt; and I had to give God thanks," said Beckford-Stewart.

She said her son was covered by the Lord, and the individual who wanted to hurt him could not have done so because the hands of God were upon him.

She added that she always prays and ask her Maker for comprehensive coverage for her and her family.

Beckford-Stewart disclosed that the hands of God are powerful and mighty, and that before being saved, she always wanted to serve Him.

This, she noted, was due to the knowledge she had about the awesomeness of God. She added that she asked God to tell her if her mate was the right man for her at one point.

"I told God that if he was not the right one for me, then He (God) should let him go so that I can get myself in the church. The Lord has done so many things for me; and so I really wanted to surrender my life to Him," she said.

Beckford-Stewart said she is committed to God for all His benefits towards her and her family.

"He has answered all my prayers, and for that, I am most grateful to Him. I cannot complain because He has seen me through many battles," testified Beckford-Stewart.

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