Testimony : God performed a medical miracle on his life

May 13, 2017
Shamar Williams

Apostle Shamar Williams is an overseer for 21 branches of the New Vision Apostolic Church in Jamaica, as well as others in New York, USA.

He has been serving the Lord for 16 years and has seen many miracles from the hands of the Lord.

"The Lord has done mighty things for me. He has performed a lot of miracles, provided a lot of healing, among other things. There are so many wonderful things which the Lord has done for me," said Williams.

He testified that he was suffering from neuropathy and diabetes and God healed him totally from both sicknesses.

"The biggest miracle which the Lord has performed in my life, is when He totally healed me from neuropathy. This is a part of diabetes. It is mainly because of the sugar that is in your system and it causes the sugar to destroy your veins. What happens is that you have severe nerve pain in your feet, knees and legs, and sometimes it slows you down. Sometimes you will have a burning sensation," explained Williams.

He testified that due to the illness, he had difficulty walking. Williams said the illness slowed him down significantly whenever he attempted to walk.

He shared that it also affected him whenever he stood up and at times, he felt as if he was sinking.

"But thanks be to God that the Lord touched my life and really healed me. I am now able to do everything I used to do. The illness left me about a year ago. There was also tightness in the arm, due to the sugar that was coming into my body, because of the sweet drinks and stuff," added Williams.




He noted that while he was suffering, he prayed to the Lord and asked Him for His healing touch, and the Lord heard him.

He disclosed that he is an individual of faith who puts his trust in God and he was always convinced that God could heal him from the sickness.

"If He can heal so many persons as is recorded in the Bible, raised the dead and all that, then His power is still working in the generation in which I am now. I am a witness of His healing power," Williams testified.

He wants persons who are suffering from neuropathy, as well as those suffering from other illnesses, to keep their faith in God until He works out what He has in store for them.

"Sometimes you have to go through this thing for a season, but it is all about having faith. We are not supposed to put our faith in the medicine we take, or the doctors. The doctors give us a report, but it is our job to pray and believe until our full deliverance comes," noted Williams.

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