Sherwood Content : Home of speed and old age

May 16, 2017
Alberta Anderson is 99 years old.
Cislyn Brown is 97 years old
Evelyn Johnson is 99 years old.
In this August 16, 2009 file photo, Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates setting a new men's 100m world record at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin.

While Sherwood Content, Trelawny, is best known for the global exploits of its favourite son, track legend Usain Bolt, the rural district, nestled in one of the valleys in the Cockpit Country, has another fantastic feature. It has numerous residents racing gracefully towards the 100-year-old mark.

With 117 years old Violet Brown of the neighbouring Duansvale district listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest person, the longevity of the residents in the general area is as much a mystery as the blinding speed which has earned Bolt two individual world records.

If the words of the likes of Alberta Anderson and Evelyn Johnson, who are both 99 years old, and Cislyn Brown, who is 97 years old, are to be taken as gospel, the answer to both 'speed' and 'longevity' could be down to two primary factors, food and lifestyle.




"I hardly ever eat rice ... . Every home had a backyard garden ... All kinds of crops were planted," said Johnson. "Common fowls were ever- present ... they provided meat and eggs with yolk yellow, not like these eggs today. When cassava was reaped, only the skin was not used. We ate strong food."

Faith in God is another strong feature of life in Sherwood Content. Regardless of how far away the churches are located, residents take delight in walking to church on Sundays and attending night services, features which no doubt keep them physically fit.

With sports an integral part of community life and with many children required to walk long distances daily to get to the district's primary school, Bolt's alma mater, Waldensia Primary School, the community's children are quite fit.

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