Andre knows the healing hands of God

May 20, 2017
George Henry photo Andre Gibson

Every day we hear persons testify about the goodness of God, His mercies, His love, and His grace.

Well, one such individual is AndrE Gibson of the New Vision Faith Apostolic Christian Church in Silent Hill in northwest Clarendon.

Gibson, who surrendered his life to God seven years ago, said that his Maker has been extremely good to him, and he would never give up on Him because of the plethora of things He has done in his life over the years.

"He has done so many things in my life. If I should sit and speak about them, it would take a lot of time," shared Gibson.

He testified that he was a sickle cell patient from birth, but God made a unique change in his life a few years ago. He shared that he always took folic acid tablets once per day.

"But over the past 15-16 years, I have not taken one of those tablets, and it is very rare that I feel pain. When, one has sickle cell, you experience joint pain, and whenever the time is very cold, you have to do all that is possible to keep yourself warm," explained Gibson.

He testified further that he is convinced that God is a healer, and because he is under His umbrella, having received Him at a tender age, he knows that God is able to do all things.


"I have not been affected by the illness for such a long while now I know that God has done marvellous things in my life," noted Gibson.

He reported that life for him was a challenge while he was suffering from the illness because when he had it, it brought tears to his eyes because the pain he felt was unbearable.

"You have to go to the hospital to get an injection as well as to acquire other medications to help you. It was really unbearable. But thanks be to God, I am an overcomer. I have learnt to overcome these pains and to continue in the firing line for God. I am totally healed from the illness," said Gibson, who is an assistant pastor at his church.

For those who are being affected by the disease, Gibson is encouraging them to seek God first and all His righteousness if they are not saved, and all things will be added unto them.

He said that God is able to heal, and all they have to do is to lift their faith in Him and He will do the rest.


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