Spice up your bedroom with sex toys

May 30, 2017
Laurene Ward
Rotating and vibrating dildo

Fun and excitement are what persons yearn for during that intimate moment. This is the time that people get to play out their fantasies, unwind, de-stress and forget about the realities of life, and toys can add a whole new outlook to your relationship and will strengthen your union. This is no joke.

Ishwana’s Equal Rights has been causing quite an uproar, as she is insinuating that what is good for the goose must be good for the gander. Dexter Daps, with Owner, has his own views of what the bedroom should be like.
Let us not forget, too, Christian and Anastasia, from Fifty Shades of Grey,who reminded us of what was missing from the bedroom scene. Obviously, sex is very important. There can never be enough sex, as it’s awesome!
Some men, however, may be fearful that the use of toys may indicate that they are inadequate or are being replaced in the bedroom. However, toys should be viewed as an assistant.
But what if your partner is passive, shy or may even be against the use of toys? Don’t worry. Be gentle and patient. Start off by discussing long before the occasion comes up. Maybe ask questions like, “Hun, what do you think about a bullet?” or show a picture of multiple toys and ask him or her which one would appeal to your partner. Show partner the health benefits of using toys.
Take, for instance, the Kegal Balls. They provide excellent assistance to tighten up the vaginal walls. One can never fail with a bullet vibrator. It is small, easy to use, and very versatile.


Oftentimes, some females may not be comfortable with being naked or some males may have anxiety when they are involved with their partner for the first time. Toys can ease the pressure, as each person can be more focused on the idea of experimenting with the toy rather than being preoccupied with their performance, which normally can kill an erection.
Christians may lend people to believe that they are committing some heinous crime by using toys but that is not the case. One does not have to go overboard with the use of toys. As long as it is done modestly, it can be a blessing in a marriage.
The use of toys can be at one’s tolerance level. Just as Jesus drank wine in moderation, then so it is with the use of toys.

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