Testimony : Backslider finds husband in church

June 03, 2017
Debbie Edwards

The Lord promises that He will remarry the backslider. Well, such was the case with Debbie Edwards of the Living Water Apostolic Community Church in Four Paths, Clarendon.

Edwards confessed and testified that she started her walk with Christ a few years ago, but backslid. However, seven years ago she decided that she wanted to restart her Christian journey, and has been on this journey once again, with no intention to start over.

"I was out there searching for somebody to be my partner. When I came back into the church my husband was right there waiting for me," said Edwards.

Edwards, who leads the praise and worship group at her church, testified that before her going back into the church, she asked the Lord to provide a mate for her.

"I wanted to choose someone for myself. I went and chose, and it did not work out. The person I chose ended up going to prison, and I was crying. But the Lord told me that I should get back on track. Which meant that I should get back into the church. When I did that, my husband was right there waiting for me. And I must say that he is a most wonderful husband," she said.

Edwards, who said God has called her to be a singer, said she told God that to prevent her from going back into the world of sin, He (God) should provide that special person for her.




"I did not know that the Lord was going to do it so quickly. The boyfriend I had before I went back into the church went to prison six months before God gave me my husband. He did not give me a boyfriend, He gave me a husband and a soulmate," she said.

She bragged that since God provided her with her husband, things have been great, despite some ups and downs. She added that the union has so far produced one son.

"Despite the challenges which come with our marriage, I am happy with my husband because he loves me and I love him. When God gives you something, He really gives you something good. He does not give you foolishness, and He always gives you what you deserve. He has surely given me what I deserve. He has been really good to me," Edwards said.

Her recommendation to persons who are searching for partners is that they should recognise that God knows the future and knows what is best for them. She is also suggesting that such persons pray and put their trust in God, and He will do the rest.

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