Pam keeps the church's floor spotless

June 06, 2017

Despite being all of 180 years old, the St Michael's Anglican Church in Clark's Town, Trelawny, is always in an immaculate state, especially its wooden floor, which is kept spotless by the exquisite skills of Princess 'Pam' Steele.

Steele, a member of the church's congregation, took on the task of cleaning the floor of the much-aged church some 17 years ago and since then, it has been a labour of love for her.

Steele has been using the old method of a coconut brush and wax, resisting all efforts to get her to use an electrical cleaning brush.

"I use candle wax and my brush," said Steele, who has become legendary in the church for the sheen she leaves on the floor after each bout of cleaning. "Nothing else can give the floor the shine this method gives it."

In explaining her reluctance to give up her coconut brush and wax for the electric brush and conventional polish, Steele explained that it was her grandmother's way, down on her knees, creating the sheen in a hands-on method.

"I grew up with my grandmother and she shined her floor in the same way. I loved it then and I love it now," said Steele.

Devon Brown, a deacon at the church, said that on several occasions they have explored the idea of replacing the wooden floor with tiles. However, he said they have been talked out of the idea by persons like Steele, who thinks it will take away from the church's authentic look

In fact, Steele is now teaching the shining skill to the children of the congregation, who seems to be enjoying her old traditional method.

"Even the children love to help me shine the floor. Sometimes after I do the shining, they use pieces of old clothing to rub over the floor to add extra shine. You can see your reflection on the floor when we are through," said Steele.

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