STAR of the Month : Ravers Clavers crew large, but paid

June 14, 2017
STAR of the Month Ding Dong
Ding Dong (at front with microphone) and the Ravers Clavers in performance.
Ding Dong and Ravers Clavers light up the stage with their dance moves at the finals of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in May.

Despite having one of the biggest dance crews in dancehall as it relates to group members, recording artiste and dancer Ding Dong says every single member of his crew receives compensation for their work.

He told THE STAR that each member is paid based on his negotiations with promoters.

"Every single person gets paid. It impacts on my prices for events because my group is a business. They are working, and they make my brand look good, so they have to get paid because it's a job. As long as I am making money, none of my dancers will ever be hungry, and I have never short paid them. Sometimes I even give them more," he said.

The ten-member dance crew also comprises selectors and a social media personnel.

Ding Dong also said that in order for someone to become a member of the crew, dancers have to bond with all of the other members like family.

"Yuh have to become family first. It's work, but it's fun work. If you employ random people, you will have a different mind set, and it will be hard to keep them together and function as a unit. So when you regard each other as family, it works better. I will also screen my crew members and do things to test their loyalty," he said.

Ding Dong noted that all members are regarded as equals, and no one receives preferential treatment. He further revealed that some companies have refused to work with the entire group on some occasions, which is why he decided to separate Ding Dong the artiste from the brand 'Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers'.

"If you want to book Ravers by themselves you can book them, and if you want to book me by myself you can book me. Sometimes we have to compromise because some money is better than no money. But this is a business and I handle it as such," he said, adding that he has rejected events that would treat his group members like second class citizens.

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