Life & Times : Kyla and Kiara are inseparable

June 17, 2017
Identical twins Kiara (left) and Kyla Plummer.

Kiara and Kyla Plummer are identical twin sisters. The girls were born on August 30, 2004 to parents Anglalyn Jake and Loren Plummer of Denbigh, Clarendon.

Kyla was pleased to report that she was first out the womb.

Kiara believes that it is a good thing to be twins because there are perks to it.

"Sometimes you can trick persons and sometimes when you do not have some things, you can turn to the other for help," said Kiara.

But her sister differs on that view. She said being identical twins can be confusing to many persons. She said only her mother is able to easily identify them.

"My father finds it challenging to identify us. He has to ask who is who in order to be able to know which of us he is addressing at times," said Kyla.

Kiara shared that growing up as twins has been awesome at times. But she did not mince words to say Kyla can be annoying at times, especially when she wants some peace and quiet.

Kyla shared the same sentiments about Kiara.

The sisters, who are currently in first form at the Denbigh High School, and who have always been in the same class since they started school, also said it has been a challenge for their teachers to differentiate between them.

"I like being in the same class with Kyla because I get to be with her all the time," said Kiara.

Kyla said she loves being able to watch her sister 24 hours a day. She said this is a good thing because she ensures that Kiara is okay.




The girls added that they have always been protective of each other. After high school, Kiara would like to be a paediatrician or a psychologist, while Kyla wants to become an author or a singer.

The girls admitted that whenever one gets ill, the other does, too, almost immediately after.

As with many twins, they like to do the same things together, including singing, attending church, studying and eating similar food.

As it relates to their favourite subjects, Kiara loves English language, history and physical education. Kyla also loves physical education and English but likes mathematics as well.

The girls, who revealed there are other twins on both sides of their family, also added that they would love to marry twin brothers when they become adults.


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