Testimony : God will always make a way

June 17, 2017
Windell Smith

The Reverend Windell Smith has been following Jesus Christ from he was a little boy.

"From as long as I can remember, I have always made commitments for Christ from infancy," said Smith.

The pastor for the Dutch Hill New Testament Church of God in Trelawny, and the overseer for the churches in his district, testified that God has been excellent to him.

"He has been a source of guidance, protection and provision. One of the exciting things about God is that He has always provided for me, either early or on time. So he has always worked things out for me," testified Smith.

He recalled God being faithful to him on many occasions.




"In my Christian walk, He has really kept me. There have been times when I have seen things happening to my friends and colleagues, but God just always speaks to my heart and sometimes just gets me out of places before things happen to me," Smith recalled.

The church leader shared that during his early years, after leaving high school, God provided jobs for him, and so he was never unemployed.

"After I had my first job, I actually went into a second one while I was on a holiday. So God provided in that way. He has always been an on-time God for me," he said. Smith noted that he was also able to leave from one job to another, went to college, and He (God) always came through for him during the summer holidays.

"I was always able to work during that time when it was always the hardest time to get jobs. He just opened up doors for me. He has always been there for me," said a pleased Smith.

Smith added that while he was attending Bible college, his tuition was sometimes late, but it was always paid. This, he said, was through the opening of doors and provisions made for him by the Lord.

He testified further that when he left college, he never had any outstanding bills.

"In ministry, the Lord has been with me. I have had significant challenges, but He has been with me and allowed me to have a good name throughout. Despite the fact that many persons have fallen by the wayside, finding themselves in all kinds of moral and ethical problems, God has kept me and kept my name so that I can keep my head up wherever I go," Smith said.

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