Kadi, Seaford Town's best jerked chicken man

June 20, 2017
Chef Ivan Moore serves up some of his trademark mouth-watering jerked chicken.
Chef Ivan Moore in Seaford Town, Westmoreland.

After a long day of work, residents of the deep rural community of Seaford Town in Westmoreland look forward to an evening of social merrymaking in the community square where local chef Ivan Moore is ever present to fill their bellies with his mouth-watering jerked chicken.

Moore, popularly known as Kadi, has been jerking chicken for more than a decade and has honed his craft to the point where he now has the reputation for the best jerked chicken in the countryside community.

"I have been doing this thing for over 14 years, and after all this time, I still love my job because right here is the hang-out spot for Seaford Town," said the 46-year-old father of three.

"I am out here from around 1 p.m. to midnight each day, and people always deh here right in front of the shop talking, playing dominoes, and enjoying themselves because me a the only cooker in this community," he added.

Moore also prepares various kinds of soups daily to complement his signature dish and to keep his customers happy.

"My chicken is good. Everybody come and tell me that. People from Seaford Town, outside the community, and even foreigners stop by here to support me. When it comes to soup, I know how to cook everything from chicken, cow skin, mannish water, mountain soup, and conch," he boasted.


Love for community


Having been born and raised in Seaford Town, Moore holds a certain love for the community and its people, and it is this passion that often keeps him determined to open his business place each day despite the economic hardships.

"I love this community. There is no war here. We can be out here until how much a clock at nights and nobody nuh do we anything and police nuh haffi come yah," he said.

"I want to tell Jamaica to just hold down the war and let peace reign because wah deh happen, we nuh love it. There is too much killing. We want peace. I wish everywhere was like Seaford Town," Moore stated.

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