Testimony : Miracles abound in Eric Palmer's life

July 01, 2017
Eric Palmer

God has always been working miracles in the life of His people and many have come forward to testify about them, especially for Christians.

Deacon Eric Palmer of the Salem New Testament Church of God in St Ann is one of the blessed persons to experience the miracles of God.

He testified that he has proven God's miracle in his life since he got saved 27 years ago.

"In 1990, I was driving along the Ewarton main road in St Catherine when the Lord gave me a wake-up call between two trailer trucks. I escaped one of the trailers and persons who thought I was dead ran out from where they were to see if I was," said Palmer.

He shared that there was no evidence on his truck to show that he hit the trailer. The church deacon further shared that when everything calmed down at the scene, a woman told him that somebody had been praying for him.

He said the woman also told him that she was giving him a chance to repent.

"I did not hesitate. I just surrendered my life to the Lord instantly. From that time, I have been walking with the Lord," said Palmer.

The church leader also shared that he was living in the Cayman Islands for nine years after he got saved and had a loan with a bank in Jamaica.




But things were not going the way he had hoped financially so that he could make regular payments.

"I asked the Lord to do something for me, and He really miraculously allowed me to sow a seed-faith offering of 25 Cayman dollars. That was a Sunday night when I sow the seed-faith offering. When I called Jamaica the Wednesday, my loan payment was late," said Palmer.

He said he called the bank and explained and a woman there told him that a recommendation was made at the bank's head office on his behalf.

He was told to call back in two weeks. When he did, his loan was cancelled.

"That loan was cancelled by the Lord. All I had to do after that was to pay $1,000 for the clearing of a title. The amount of the loan was $379,000.12. That was all written off in 1996," said Palmer.

Palmer noted that he always believed God was going to do something for him. He, however, said that he was not expecting that particular action.

Palmer said he was aware that God has a way of working out things, and he had faith that He was going to work out something for him.



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