Dancers' Paradise : 'Gallop and Wine' triggers dance craze

July 07, 2017

Dancehall artiste Talio is pleased with the overwhelming response in the streets to his latest song, 'Gallop and Wine', which has spawned its own dance craze.

However, he is urging party goers to "party responsibly" as a rash of incidents in recent months has left dancers experiencing concussions and healing broken bones.

"The song really ah tek off in the streets. Mi Instagram full of videos every day from all the dances from Kingston to Montego Bay. A cameraman known as Videoface sprained his hand after one of the girls dem jump pon him and a gallop with him. So I am just asking the fans to dance responsibly because this dance ah cause people to keep up all sort of madness in the dance," a laughing Talio said.

Recently, popular dancer, Marvin Di Beast, damaged his leg when he fell off a second storey building after a stunt, and in the past, there have been reports of a concussion during a 'sky daggering' incident out west.

Gallop and Wine was released on the High Digitz Recordz label. A music video for the project is in rotation on all local cable channels.

Talio's follow-up single, Gal Yu Hot, is on Rhythm 21 for Ireland Records and is also in rotation on mainstream Jamaican radio.

Talio, aka Major Slim, hails from Seaview Gardens where he is known for his witty wordplay. That led to him writing a few songs for the iconic Bounty Killer, also from Seaview Gardens.

He is pleasantly surprised that a dance song may be his first major hit.

"Jamaica is a place that loves new dance styles. Buju Banton had 'bogle' in the '90s. Elephant Man had 'signal the plane' and 'pon the river', which were both big hits in the US. So we Jamaicans like to have fun, so right now the girls dem a gallop and wine," he said.

He will be releasing a new compilation album from Marwan Records in the near future.

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