Remembering Sylvie Grizzle - Negril has lost a stalwart

July 11, 2017
Charela Inn musicians perform at the funeral of late hotelier and environmentalist,Sylvie Grizzle on Saturday.
Sylvia Grizzle

Tributes poured out on Saturday during the memorial service for prominent Negril hotelier and environmentalist Sylvie Grizzle.

The service took place at the Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church in the resort town.

The 75-year-old philanthropist, who, along with her husband, veteran hotelier and farmer Daniel Grizzle, operated the Charela Inn in Negril, died on June 16.

A founding member of the Negril Chamber of Commerce (NCOC), Grizzle was cited as a vanguard of the resort town. She spearheaded a mission in the 1980s which forced the Government to shelve plans to mine peat in the Great Morass in Negril, which, according to scientists, would have ruined the legendary seven-mile beach and turned the area into a desert.

"She was an adviser; she is also a mother to many children in and around Negril; a very dedicated member of the NCOC; a true environmentalist," former president of the Negril Chamber of Commerce, Cliff Reynolds, said in his tribute.

"As a member of the Negril Chamber of Commerce, she was always ready to stand up and fight for what was best for the Negril community ... . She gave us strength, she gave us might. A stronger person, I would say, is hard to find. In her heart, she was very kind," he stated.

He added: "We will always remember her objection to peat mining in Negril and that fight allowed us to continue to have white sand in Negril, because that peat mining would have destroyed the ecology. Sylvie, of course, was one of the champions of that. Negril has lost a stalwart, a true soldier, a heroine."

President of the Negril Chamber of Commerce, Lee Issa, remembered Grizzle as a force to be reckoned with, especially when it came to safeguarding the environment.

"When I came to Negril, Sylvie and Daniel were among some of the persons I met. Sylvie was a passionate person. Sylvie, whether we were lobbying for a central sewage system or certain environmental initiatives to preserve or protect the environment, she was there," Issa said.

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