Testimony : God - my Healer, my Provider

July 15, 2017
Hortense Hamilton

Hortense Hamilton of the Living Water Apostolic Community Church at Four Paths in Clarendon can identify with the well-known song, 'The Lord will make a way'.

Hamilton testified that she was virtually homeless seven years ago after her house was gutted by fire, leaving her with nothing. But, as the Bible tells us, the Lord will not allow His people to suffer; and He will make a way for them.

"I was in my house with my 14-year-old son at the time, when it was burnt to the ground. I had nothing to wear and all that. Many persons turned their backs on me when it happened. Even my own relatives did not come to my rescue," said Hamilton, who is currently an usher at her church.

Although she was shunned by many of those she thought she could have depended on for help, Hamilton bragged that God did not abandon her.

"God provided me with somebody to take me in. He also provided me with my employer, who helped me tangibly to put up back my house from foundation right up. My boss provided me with the material I needed to reconstruct the house, as well as other things," said Hamilton.

She said that God sent her employer to her rescue as her boss gave her a cheque to take to the hardware store to purchase material.

The born-again Christian, who has been at the Living Water Apostolic Community Church for two years, said God has also healed her from sickness.

"I went to the doctor once while feeling sick. The doctor could not help me to feel better immediately, and so I went to my bishop at the church, and he prayed for me. I received my healing immediately after the prayer was prayed by the dedicated man of God. God healed me through my pastor. Through prayer and fasting I got my healing," said the church usher.

The churchwoman noted further that she has four children for whom she has been providing as a single parent. She said she has struggled over the years with them, but the Lord has helped her to provide them with education, to the extent that one currently works at the University of Technology.

"When things were not going right, neighbours and other community people put us down; but God raised us up. Now, I have a lot to give God thanks for. He is a miracle-working God. I can't complain now. I am not hungry, I am not naked, I have a roof over my head and I have food on my table. I have plenty to give God thanks for," testified Hamilton.

"My determination is just to hold on to God. I intend to do as Psalm 27:14 says. I will wait upon the Lord and be of good courage, because He is going to strengthen my heart," pledged Hamilton.

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