Esher is a special place

July 25, 2017
Evadne Wilson
Gloria Spence
Lexon Samuels

The coastal community of Esher has always been one of the most sought after places in the parish of Hanover to live.

"You get to go fishing when you want the sea rock is right there; and you have nice people in the community. Kids grow up with respect. The camaraderie in the community used to be very wonderful growing up," resident Dwayne Clayton said.

"The only thing is the kids grow up and migrate and they don't really come back. They may come back for a visit but they don't really stick around. It is a lovely community where you can live and raise your family. In the past you could lie dung and sleep and leave your house open, but now the fear of what is happening in other sections of Hanover people don't do that again," he added.

Gloria Spence, operator Global Villas, said Esher is a special place because of it's location and the scenery.

"Esher is three miles outside Lucea and midway between Negril and Montego Bay," she said.

For Evadne Wilson, "Esher is beautiful, sunny, overlooks the bright blue Caribbean [sea]."

"You can't ask for more than that. You have nice breezes wafting in, you don't even need your air conditioning [unit]," she said.

Similarly, Lexon Samuels said Esher is a unique community.

"It is not noisy. People here just go about their business. There are a lot of young, ambitious people here, whose intention is to work hard and do things the right way."


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