STAR of the Month : Tommy Lee Sparta still requested in the US

July 26, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta is a disadvantaged Jamaican artiste, one of those who have been restricted from entering the United States and its territories.

In an industry that thrives on commerce through global travel, those local entertainers who are unable to travel to the US suffer from being physically absent from that market. Despite being unable to travel to and work in the US, 'The Spartan' has continued touring in other territories to supplement his earnings.

"Mi tour every year a Europe. Every one a mi show dem shot, uzimi," he told THE STAR. "Nuff place call me every single day. All 40 time fi di day people call me from America, all when dem know seh mi caan do it. People just call me America, Canada, England."

For the past three years, Tommy Lee Sparta has been entangled in court proceedings, but he has not allowed his current US absence to halt his touring.

"Look how long Ninja Man and dem man have court and them lost inna the system. Nuh ramp with the court or dem break you down to pieces, programme yuh life and dem ting deh," he said.

Local cops were adamant that the deejay was influencing the commission of crimes in western Jamaica, though he was never found guilty of any criminal conduct.

The artiste said he "just wish dem woulda free me up right now" so that he can run the place again.

"Mi know wah fi do, but mi caan do exactly wah fi do when mi tie up so inna the system," he said.

Though he is able to travel, the artiste's passport is kept in the custody of local authorities. He is allowed to collect his documents upon detailed confirmation of the business to be conducted.

Tommy Lee Sparta last appeared in court on July 11, but the case was postponed to October 13. Convinced that he will eventually emerge from the courthouse victorious, he is preparing to capitalise on opening borders.

"A time now, mi court soon finish, so mi haffi build a momentum, so mi just let out the bookings. See me can gone all bout," he said.

"Mi is a sample, a street man. Mi hard-core. Mi can run the street if me want. Mi have whole heap song puddung. A nuff song mi nuh release. Mi just have dem. Know seh mi court soon done. When court done, is a different ting," Tommy Lee Sparta said.

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