Life & Times : Good manners gives me blessing - Centenarian disclose secret to long life

July 29, 2017
Centenarian Clinton Hutchinson

Sunday, June 18 was more than just Father's Day for Clinton Hutchinson of Christiana in Manchester. It was the day on which he attained an important milestone which many are not privileged to attain. It was on that day that he celebrated his 100th birthday.

Hutchinson, who was born on June 18, 1917 at Leeds in St Elizabeth, attributed his long life to the manners and respect he had, and still has, for people.

"I just have respect for the young and the old. People can't be too young or too old for me to show manners and respect to them. I just have to show respect to people and that, plus other things, make me live so long," said the centenarian.

Hutchinson said that while he was growing up he consumed a lot of sweet cassava products, including dumpling and bammy, and ate lots of roasted and boiled corn.

'Maas Clinton', as he is affectionately called, said he felt very happy that the Lord has blessed him with 100 years.




"I live so long because I have also put God before me. I think about the Lord and His goodness towards me every so often. Only Jehovah God can save us. He has been so good to me and my family," he said.

Hutchinson shared that although he does not know how many more years God will give him, he would not mind living longer than his late sister, Etta Anderson, who died at 107 years old.

Meanwhile, the Moravian who has served on the board at the Zorn Moravian Church in Christiana still attends church services on a regular basis. He also told THE STAR that he still finds time to do some chores around the house.

"I really miss the work I used to do on the farm. I used to ride my donkey to the field. Sometimes I fret on the work I used to do. I really used to enjoy the work I did. I used to love work hard and take care of my wife and nine children," shared Hutchinson, whose nonagenarian wife, Murrell, is still alive and strong.


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