STAR of the Month : Tommy Lee bats for promiscuous women

July 29, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta

STAR of the Month, Tommy Lee Sparta, has toured several countries since his rise in the music industry. However, despite the perks of being a successful recording artiste, the deejay says touring takes a toll on the body.

He even went as far as to say that some of the perks can be overbearing.

"On tour, yuh can get nuff woman, but di gyal dem will weak you out, too. Every show you go, a girl a mek sure seh she reach inna yu room, all three of them sometimes," he laughed.

The deejay did not confirm if he, in fact, had sexual relations with his female fans. However, he did defend women who are known to offer sexual favours to artistes due to their popularity and wealth.

"No girl a nuh groupie, and mi nuh call no girl suh. The girl dem just love yuh. Dem nuh love some man, and those men usually have to chat one bag of things before them get the front ..., but dem just love the artistes. It's like they know you long time because they have been watching you and observing your actions from afar. So when they meet you, they just want to speed up the process and have sex ... so mi nah call dem groupie," he said.

The deejay also said it takes a strong woman to date recording artistes.

"The women know we are problem, but everything good. It takes a strong woman fi deh wid a artiste ... mi nuh know how di woman dem do it. Especially when you and the woman deh before yuh tun artiste, she might have trouble adjusting," he told THE STAR.

Tommy Lee Sparta also noted that he is faithful to his spouse.

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