Testimony : Jesus has never given up her

July 29, 2017

Suzan Martin is not just a member of the Living Water Apostolic Community Church at Four Paths in Clarendon; she is also a proud minister of the gospel at that worship house.

She said she has been walking with God over the past 10 years as a born-again Christian, and has testified that her Maker has been doing great things for her.

"Since I have started this journey with the Lord, I have recognised that it is not an easy road to trod. However, I am determined to reach my destination, which is Heaven, to see the one who has saved me and has been keeping me over these many years," said Martin.

She shared further that she has been through many trials, including hungry moments, many storms, being without shoes, experiencing nakedness, and seeing family members turn their backs on her.

"But despite such situations, I have learnt to humble myself and wait on the Lord to make the changes in my life. Jesus has never given up on us. He has never given up on me. It is Jesus who tells us that when we try everything and they fail us, we should try Him. I have given everything to Jesus," said Martin.

The churchwoman made it clear that while she was growing up as a young Christian, living in a rented house and having children, life was not easy for her.

"I remember many times not having any food to eat ... not even having anything to give my children to eat. Sometimes when the landlord came I had to hide from him because I did not have his rent. But to God be the glory, I am living in my own house now," she said.




She added that she and others who are walking with the Lord are cognisant that the Christian journey is not easy, because persecution will come.

But she is also aware that those who suffer with Christ will reign with Him.

"I cling to the Word of God ... He also said nothing good will He withhold from them that walk upright. He also said that He will add no sorrow to them that walk upright. So, I encourage myself in the Lord. Coming up it is not easy; but I hold on to the vow I have made to make Heaven my home," testified Martin.

The minister said God is her greatest provider. She listed her blessings from Him, including running her own small business in the form of a hairdressing salon, and blessing her with eight children who are doing well to qualify themselves.

"I will never give up on God," pledged Minister Martin.

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