God has always provided

August 12, 2017
George Henry photo Lorna Smikle

Believers of Christ will always testify that their Master has always been there for them.

Well, Lorna Smikle, who is a member of the Bethel United Church at Banana Ground in Manchester, and who currently serves as a lay pastor at the Long Look United Church in Clarendon, is among them.

Smikle, who has been a born-again child of God since 1987, testified that the Lord has seen her through many circumstances.

She said Christ has been with her and has been journeying with her over many years, while guiding her through many circumstances.

"I remember doing a course at university and I was among the first set of students who did the course. Me and my batchmates were having some challenges understanding aspects of the course. I said to the girls who were with me at the time, that when the Lord is ready, that is when the programme is going to be ready, and our diploma is going to be ready when the Lord is ready for it," said Smikle.

She noted that she spoke those prophetic words in her class and into her life, not knowing the significance of them at the time.

"I prophesied into my own life, not realising until the prophecy came through. God has been wonderful to me every step of the way," she said.

The churchwoman noted that God may not come when we want Him, but He is there right on time.

She remembers being broke and having no funds, but God has provided for her on numerous occasions.

She added that whenever she was not aware where the funds would come from to deal with certain necessities, God provided her with funds to purchase lunch, uniform, and provide bus fare for her children to attend school, among other things.

"God provided for us in such ways sometimes that when His provisions came, I had to share them with others who were experiencing the things I was going through. When He blessed me, I had to bless others," she testified.

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