Testimony : God answered my prayers

August 19, 2017
Melvin Campbell

It is now 35 years since Melvin Campbell has been working for the Lord. He is currently a member of the Dumfries Seventh-day Adventist Church in St James.

Campbell has worked for God and humanity in the capacity of deacon, and he is now serving as a choir member. He testified that his life was spared by God some years ago while he was working on a market truck.

"The truck left me and I ran it down to hop on. There was a rail at the side of the truck, and I stepped on it while rain was falling. I was climbing on to it to get in the truck, and I slid and fell. The truck ran over my legs. In a space of 15 minutes, I was unable to move. I had to be taken off the ground by a group of persons. Only God could have spared my life that day," testified Campbell.

The church man said he escaped death without even broken bones, but his legs were swollen. He had to be taken to the doctor for treatment because he was not able to walk.

"When I slid, I went straight under the truck. It could have been my head that was caught by the wheel of the truck, but God would not have it to be so. If it was my head, I would not be around today to tell the story. So, that was a great thing which God did for me. I took the medication which the doctor gave me, and in two days I was able to walk again," Campbell said.

Campbell made it clear that he is alive because the angel of the Lord protected him. He added that even though he was not saved at the time of the accident, he always put his trust in his Maker.

"I was always a God-fearing man, and was always praying and asking the Lord to help me, to save me and to provide me with a nice Christian lady to be my wife. I prayed one night and went to my bed. While I was sleeping, I dreamt that I saw the lady passing along the road close to where I was living," he said.

He disclosed that one Sabbath morning, he saw two sisters walking on the road coming in his direction, and that one of the ladies was the same lady he saw in his dream.

"The woman was the same person I saw in my dream. She had the same shape, complexion and everything; and she is my wife today. So God answered my prayers," bragged Campbell.

Campbell, who is the father of three sons, also shared that one of his sons fell ill while he was a baby, and he did not have any money to take him to the doctor. He said he had devotion one morning and prayed to the Lord, asking Him for help.

"I prayed, and I told God that He saw where I did not have any money and my baby was sick. I am asking you to heal him. The baby eye could not open for two days. Before I could have finished the prayer, I heard the baby make a sound; and when I opened my eyes, the baby's eyes were open. So that was a miracle from God. Everything I ask God for always come through," testified Campbell.

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