Schoolteacher Jhanell Pearson Medley laid to rest

August 22, 2017
Students of Salt Marsh Primary and Infant school pay tribute to the memory of Jhanell Pearson Medley.

Scores of people turned up at the New Testament Church of God in Falmouth on Saturday for the thanksgiving service for 30-year-old schoolteacher Jhanell Pearson Medley.

Pearson Medley, who taught at the Salt Marsh Primary and Infant School, was also a Sunday schoolteacher at the Friendship Church of God of Prophecy, secretary in the Youth Ministry, and was lauded as having touched many lives in her short lifespan.

Ivanhoe Gordon, of the Ministry of Education, remembered her for her willingness to go the extra mile.

"I have given her tasks on more than one occasions. Even when she was not feeling well, she would not complain. She would complete that to which she was tasked. She joined the staff at Salt Marsh Primary in 2009 and immediately immersed herself in teaching. She had a classroom which was set in a way that learning was enhanced," Gordon said.




"She loved her grade four students, and on one occasion when her students did not receive the passes expected, she cried tears of concern and had to be consoled. Trelawny and Salt Marsh Primary and Infant have lost a dedicated teacher," he added.

Pearson Medley's aunt, Juliet Gomez-McDonald, eulogised her as an avid reader.

"She read anything that could be read - from the newspapers to the Bible. She can be remembered as one who always wanted to be a teacher. In her school days, from age six, she could be seen teaching her dolls. She would discipline them and punish them when they did anything 'wrong'," she said.

Minister Dexter Gooden, in his sermon, told the congregation that there is a victorious resurrection to come when Pearson Medley will be seen again.

"Man was not created to die, so weep not. Your sister will rise again. There is hope in King Jesus," he preached.

Pearson Medley leaves behind husband Julius and two children. Her body was interred at the Falmouth Cemetery.

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